Information obtained by the American Academy of Advanced Medical Education through its official web site, Just For, or from other sources is confidential and used only for: internal review; to contact subscribers if a problem develops with the educational materials they have purchased; to inform users about updates to our web site or about special offers; and to improve the quality of the information that we provide to healthcare professionals. When we ask for personal information such as credit card numbers, phone numbers or addresses, your answers will be protected during transmission over the internet by encrypting them using Secure Socket Layer technology.  The American Academy Of Advanced Medical Education does not share customer lists with third parties.  In the event that we use another company to provide a service such as shipping our products to others, we will provide the customer's name and address to that company with the understanding that they are prohibited from using that information for any other purpose.  We are not responsible for the privacy of information that users of this web site provide to other entities or organizations linked to this web site.  We will not use the information we collect in any way that will identify individual users to any third party without the users consent but we may use aggregated data for purposes that enhance the performance of the American Academy of Advanced Medical Education. The American Academy Of Advanced Medical Education may disclose personal information if required to do so by law or if we believe, in good faith, that doing so is necessary to protect our rights or the safety of those who use our web site.  Individuals who disagree with our privacy policy should not use this web site.

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